RAH The Mary Tyler Moore Theme Song episode


Julie is in town and we got to talking about how much 13-year-old Adam enjoyed the MTM oeuvre. She was kind enough to sit on the other side of the Yeti (set to figure 8, natch) and listen to me harken back to those early boners. In my much less than comprehensive review of the amazing MTM's career, it should be said that I meant to, but forgot to mention her short lived variety show, 1978 I think. Y'know, Bay City RollersShields and YarnellPaul Lynde, etc. A young member of the cast, was I believe a former weatherman from Indiana, David Lettersomething. What ever happened to that guy?

And we go out with Butch Ross covering Greg Brown. A song that will appear on Butch's new record in March. Click on his name and see the specificities of the project.

And remember, M🍑🍊💩


Rhymes Against Humanity High Road Review Preview


So this is up a little later than intended because I wrote a song last night, and it's at the end of the podcast. If you show up to Milkboy on friday night, I might even play it again. wanna sing along?

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross defined the five stages of grief as, Denial, Anger, Bargaining Depression and Acceptance. If you are a decent human being, and I think you are, November 9th began your trek through these five stages and you are doing everything in your power to never reach stage five. To that end, you should watch the inauguration in the afternoon and let those awful emotions assault you in waves,* Now comes the important part, grasp whichever of the four you’re feeling and bring it with you to Milkboy, where you’ve already purchased your tickets Here
You don’t need to see, Kid Rock, and Chachi and The Nuge, and maybe, like two Rockettes. You need to see, these local Philadelphians who comprise The High Road Revue. A tremendous windfall of musical talent on one stage to help us all begin the process of not just surviving, but fighting the incoming administration and not allowing a Donald J. Trump to profane and destroy the representative democracy that was founded over there at Independence Hall, just five blocks from Milkboy where you’ll be watching the likes of…

The Fractals
John Faye
Stargazer Lily
Schoolly D
Hinton Bower Jones

Hannah Taylor and The Rekardo Lee Trio
Scott Silipigni
Cookie Rabinowitz
Morgan Pinkstone

Hoagy Wing
Hemline Theory
Adam Brodsky
Mia Johnson
•Chris Schutz
Brian Seymour
Eve Sheldon

Tickets are 12$ in advance/15$ at door and can be purchased Here
all proceeds will go to:
Penn Environmental, The Attic Youth CenterWomen's Law Project and 
The ACLU of Pennsylvania. You can sign up to join letter writing campaigns with The Coffee Clatch Coalition:
We’re gonna look back on this one day and be very proud of how we resisted. That resistance begins on Inauguration evening at Milkboy. See you there.

*Also, if you have any sort of juice with weather gods, I think a very, very, very windy day would make for some nice historical photos. Thank you in advance.


Rhymes Against Humanity new season coming soon.


New season coming early November. 


RAHH Phil Stinson Police Arrest Database Edition


stinson - 3

stinson - 2

stinson - 1


Couple months ago I was fortunate enough to take a deep dive with my old friend Professor Phil Stinson whose work includes the country's most comprehensive database on police arrests. We spoke at length about his qualifications and about his database and the path that lead him to such. And in this exceedingly depressing week of executions by police begetting assassination begetting Facebook outrage begetting empty words begetting Rudy Giuliani who for some reason is still being given a microphone, (I'm looking at you John Dickerson, you should know better), this podcast can serve as deep background on the data collection and research that is going on.

I hope you find it as interesting as I did. If you'd like you can go on over to Phil's Facebook page where he keeps a pretty comprehensive set of links to the various and esteemed publications and broadcasts that quote or interview him.

Again thanks for listening and go out and love somebody because that's the only way out of this fucking mess.

RAH All Banjo Players Go To Heaven, Ray (Duffy) of Light Edition



As 2016 Continues its Sherman-like Scorched Earth Campaign, yet another great musician has been steamrolled. Ray Duffy was one of the good ones, so good in fact, that he gave up a day of his all too short life to play banjo on an Antifolk Album.

This brief podcast is but a tip of the cap to a generous and tasteful player. Safe travels Ray, and thanks for the hang and the twang.

The Hinkie Stinky/Hinkie Thinky Edition With Jim Adair.


adair - 1 So last week the Sixers acted like an African Dictatorship and had a profound shakeup in a front office which was already under all kinds of national and local fire because of "The Process". I sat down with Jim Adair of CrossingBroad.com who kind of looks like he's sporting Groucho Grease in this photo. Jim spelled out and nicely recapped the whole she-bang to date in a way that an NBAvoider like myself could wrap his tiny little head around. I think you'll find it interesting even if you don't like basketball, or sports, or me. You can find Jim on the Twitters here and you can check out his clever tee shirts at OptionaliTEES.

As always, like us on Facebook, and leave a review in iTunes. Subscribe and enjoy, thanks.


RAH Baseball Songs With Chris Huebner Edition


Bass Player, Softball Manager and Baseball fan, Chris Huebner came into the PRHQPCS armed with a few baseball songs, and a few that prolly aren't really about baseball, but it was fun to talk to him and share the songs. So dig 'em. Thanks. 

huebner - 1


Rhymes Against Humanity 041 Brad Yoder, Amish KGB Spy


Yoder - 1

Yoder - 3

Yoder - 2

Though Brad is not Amish or a KGB spy, that was a really fun thing to type so Imma roll with it. This week's Rhymes Against Humanity features a really fun conversation that Brad and I had a couple weeks ago in his Pittsburgh Mansion. We had a really good time and I hope you will too. He talks about his Costa Rican Amish Relatives and his semester abroad in the GDR, that's right, East Germany, back when that was a thing. He even played some songs. Please enjoy it, and like our Facebook page and subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher and leave us reviews and all the stuff that allows me to continue to talk into a microphone.
Also visit Bradyoder.com and show him the love as well.

Adam Brodsky

Rhymes Against Humanity 039 Gregg Cagno


cagno - 1
Last week Fast Folk Fuck and longtime friend Gregg Cagno came over to the PRHQPCS and sat and strummed for a while. We had a great talk and didn't even touch on a bunch of things I wanted to, like surfing and Linda Sharar and all the cool kids and Camp Hoboken and lots of other things. We did however talk about his family and his music and shared a few war stories. It was one of those conversations that flowed so easily, an hour had gone by before I even looked at the clock. I hope you enjoy listening to my chat with Gregg. And if you live anywhere proximal to Philadelphia, I hope you c'mon out and see Gregg on the Ides of March at Tin Angel. His sound is a perfect fit for that room and it's a Tuesday night, what the fuck else do you have to do.
[caption id="attachment_286" align="alignnone" width="300"]These are those peg condoms we spoke of. These are those peg condoms we spoke of.[/caption]
cagno - 9
cagno - 12
cagno - 7
cagno - 13
cagno - 11
cagno - 8
cagno - 10

RAH 037 Winners and Losers and Rich Kelly Edition


Brodsky's fish combined
So a few things happened this week. The Live Free or Diehards chose Donald Trump and Bernie Sandwiches in the NH primary and now on to the next freak state, South Carolina. Peyton Manning announced his intention to drink a lot of Budweiser after going along for the ride and garnering a second Super Bowl ring with a performance that was really kind of shitty. Not a good day to be a QB or especially an offensive lineman as both defenses dominated and both QB's tried not to fuck it up too bad. 
But that's all bullshit. the real things that happened to me were much more emotionally emotional. for one, the second anniversary of my sister's death was Monday so I spent a good deal of time thinking about the times both good and bad and I wrote this:
It was two years ago today that my dear, sweet, gentle, rough edged, infuriating, frustrating, brilliant, tragic sister Shari went to be with Jesus up in heaven. I was the best brother she had and I should've been much kinder. We grew up in a home where kindness wasn't a virtue, but rather a weakness to be attacked. It made us funny as fuck but it also made us mean. Thats a shame. But this ain't about that. I miss her terribly, but this ain't about that either. 

What this is about is her talent talent. Shari was a great writer. a really, really great writer. Her milieu was fanfic, which I would condemn as not real art until she would come back at me with "GCD Folksongs?!?, cmon dude." it was a perpetual debate for the ages that often got malevolent. Anyway, she is gone now and I am the keeper of her legacy. Some of the last stuff she wrote was this Supernatural fanfic. If you care to read it, here 'tis. it's got gay porn too so there's that. 
Then I got a disturbing call from an old friend's phone. Rich Kelly is an artistic genius, his songwriting and drawings are wonderful and in person he is one of the funniest motherfuckers I've ever met. Well Rich went missing and people were fearing the worst. I ended up thinking about him a lot and so Butch Ross and I decided to eulogize him in this podcast, so we did. I hope you like our story of the man and a few of his songs. 
That's about all. If you like Rich Kelly's work, seek him out on the Facebook and see what else he's done. If you like this podcast, please let us know with a comment or a review in iTunes. Keep passing the open windows, people. 

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