RAH 023 Adam Caroll and Chris Carroll


So, after a long, some would say too long – while others would say not long enough – break, Rhymes Against Humanity is back for a second season. 

We ended strong waaaay back in April with two Jim Boggiasodes a Jim-centric and then a Beatle-centric, then we crawled into a hole. It’s been a rough year, I’ve worn that fucking funeral suit enough times that I should’ve bought the nicer one. The amortization would’ve made it affordable. But fuck that personal noise. Lets talk season two. This year I’ve got some good guests lined up and possible plans for a live show and some other things but we’ve hardly gotten to the pole, I don’t wanna show you my tits just yet. stay tuned, it’ll all become apparent.  
We’re kicking off season two with a three-way. Adam Carroll and his lovely wife Chris Carroll. We had a great chat and they played a few songs, and somewhere in the middle I ended up making a pretty personal confession. But it was great to have a Texan-Canadian couple on the show, that they were great songwriters was the gravy. 
I’m truly happy to share this conversation with you as it really was a fun chat. So enjoy RAH 023 and make sure you check out more from these two great songwriters and my new friends at AdamCarroll.com and ChrisCarrollSongs.com. Buy their records and stuff, and then have ‘em over to your house to play a house concert. They’re delightful. 
Please like the RAH Facebook page and post stuff and say hi and tell me what I’m doing wrong. I’d love to hear from you. 
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