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Actual Journalist and Badass Feminist Tara Murtha came into the Permanent Records Podcast Studio and we chatted about her new book. Oh, did I tell you that someone I know wrote a book? Well she did. The Book is Ode to Billie Joe, part of the 33 1/3 series of books where authors get deep into the grooves of important records. Tara chose Bobbie Gentry’s important album with the title track about Robbie Benson throwing something off the Talahatchee bridge. We got deep into the pages of the book. I pretended I was Terry Gross and she played the part of Gene Simmons. It was super fun. Listen to the podcast and then go get yerself a copy of the book. You can find out which indie booksellers are stocking it here:

Or if you are proximal to Philadelphia, you can, (and should) come to Underground Arts Friday 12/5 where you can see the album played live, track by track and Tara will sign a copy of her book for you.


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