RAH 030 Aggie Ebrahimi



So, this month, March 2015, if you are a under the yoke of the Comcastistas, for free you can peep Inheritance, a 30 minute short documentary by award winning filmmaker and all around good person, Aggie Ebrahimi. Aggie is a visiting professor at Mulenberg College up there in Allentown and I drove up and talked to her in her office. We spoke of film and terminal-ish degrees and the Shah and divorce Iranian style and language and at one point I almost choked to death. (I lived).  She named a bunch of her favorite filmmakers, all but one of whom I had never heard of and then we went to a diner and ate corned beef. It was good to see my old friend and better to see her movie. If you want to see it. make with the Xfinity on demand and go to Movies > Asian American Films > Inheritance.

As always, thanks for listening.