RAH 032 Dan Canon



Last month while I was out touring where the Eastern Midwest meets the Northern South, I landed in Louisville where I played a house concert and witnessed how the 16th largest city in America had funked itself up considerably since my last sojourn several years ago. The time I had was bangin’ and reconnecting with old friends and musicians was just what this old troubadork needed, not to mention unlocking the “Standing around outside in shirt sleeves” achievement for 2015. Alas, the pleasant temps did not coincide with my Creation Museum Day and in fact, the heavy rain ironically kept me from venturing outside the museum to see how the Ark construction was progressing and also from enjoying a camel ride, (not a euphemism). But that ain’t why we're here.

During my weekend spent Kentucking, I sat down with several old friends and recorded podcasts. The first we’re gonna share is my friend, Dan Canon who is, in no particular order, a Songwriter, Guitarist, Actor and a Civil Rights Attorney. On April 28th 2015, Dan will be part of a giant legal team which will argue their case in front of the Supremes. These cases all bundled together may very well settle the Gay Marriage question in this whole friggin' land, including the backwater states. If so, you’re about to listen to a podcast with some dude who is gonna be a legitimate piece of American history, and in a good way.* Anyway, I was grateful that Dan shared the better part of an hour with me and I learned a lot about the case and what to, and what not to expect. If our talk leaves you whetted for more SCOTUS, I recommend my #wcw Dahlia Lithwick’s Amicus Pod where she talks a little more about the particular case. If you want more Dan, you should check out his band The Vatican Bank, or his Bob Loblaw Law Blog called, Conflicts Check.

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And remember, even though I don’t say it often enough, or ever really, I love you.

*Not me...Dan. My best shot at viral fame these days is along the lines of, “Folksinger missing for years found mummified in home studio.” or possibly “Local Folksinger’s Disturbing browser history, sings sad song of slow demise.” or something.