RAH 025 Jess Klein


JessKlein2.jpgBack in mid November, Jess Klein came into the PRHQPCS and we talked about songs and Texas and Wendy Davis stalkers and restraining orders and even dipped our toe into the spiritual pond. Her new album, Learning Faith, discusses such. We had a lovely talk and really my only regret is that I didn't ask her to play "I'm so fucking cool." Oh well, next time. 

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RAH 024 Jefferson Berry


Almost a month ago, Jefferson Berry dropped by the Permanent Records HQ Podcast Studio and talked about his story and sang his songs. We had a good time and talked on, off and about the record. His band concept, The Urban Acoustic Coalition is a pretty cool idea. Get a bunch of great musicians in a loose confederation and whomever can show up on for a given show will show up. Players will come and go but you never have to etch-a sketch a band and start from scratch. 
We talked about a bunch of other stuff too, racism and baseball and he sang some songs from the new record. 
Give it a listen and if you like what you hear go on over to jeffersonberry.com and pick up a copy. Or go to a show. 

RAH 026 Tara Murtha



Actual Journalist and Badass Feminist Tara Murtha came into the Permanent Records Podcast Studio and we chatted about her new book. Oh, did I tell you that someone I know wrote a book? Well she did. The Book is Ode to Billie Joe, part of the 33 1/3 series of books where authors get deep into the grooves of important records. Tara chose Bobbie Gentry’s important album with the title track about Robbie Benson throwing something off the Talahatchee bridge. We got deep into the pages of the book. I pretended I was Terry Gross and she played the part of Gene Simmons. It was super fun. Listen to the podcast and then go get yerself a copy of the book. You can find out which indie booksellers are stocking it here:

Or if you are proximal to Philadelphia, you can, (and should) come to Underground Arts Friday 12/5 where you can see the album played live, track by track and Tara will sign a copy of her book for you.


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RAH 023 Adam Caroll and Chris Carroll


So, after a long, some would say too long – while others would say not long enough – break, Rhymes Against Humanity is back for a second season. 

We ended strong waaaay back in April with two Jim Boggiasodes a Jim-centric and then a Beatle-centric, then we crawled into a hole. It’s been a rough year, I’ve worn that fucking funeral suit enough times that I should’ve bought the nicer one. The amortization would’ve made it affordable. But fuck that personal noise. Lets talk season two. This year I’ve got some good guests lined up and possible plans for a live show and some other things but we’ve hardly gotten to the pole, I don’t wanna show you my tits just yet. stay tuned, it’ll all become apparent.  
We’re kicking off season two with a three-way. Adam Carroll and his lovely wife Chris Carroll. We had a great chat and they played a few songs, and somewhere in the middle I ended up making a pretty personal confession. But it was great to have a Texan-Canadian couple on the show, that they were great songwriters was the gravy. 
I’m truly happy to share this conversation with you as it really was a fun chat. So enjoy RAH 023 and make sure you check out more from these two great songwriters and my new friends at AdamCarroll.com and ChrisCarrollSongs.com. Buy their records and stuff, and then have ‘em over to your house to play a house concert. They’re delightful. 
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RAH 021 Jim Boggia Part II, This Time It’s Personal



So when last we left Ukerman, we had pretty much gotten to the root of the root of his origin story, what had been left mostly untouched, was how the fuck he got to be big in Japan and also how he ended up in meetings with important Apple Records folks advocating against tampering with all kinds of integral minutiae that, if tampered, would ruin The Beatles recordings and make the world a worse place. Truly an international jet setting musical hero and it was cool to listen to such a fascinating and talented dude. 

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Also, coupla shouts-out to RAH alumni who have recently released releases. Check-em out...
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RAH 020: Jim Boggia Part I



Cockeyed Friend and Mucisian – but not in that order – Jim Boggia stopped by the PRHQPCS and we spent almost three hours talking and singing and laughing and sipping tea. He showed me that you don't have to be a doe eyed girl to kick it on the ukulele, and I learned a lot about his backstory from his humble beginnings in Michigan to his humble arrival in Philadelphia to his humble arrival in Japan to that time he knew the Beatles were coming out because he recognized their lawyer. And on and on and on. I enjoyed it and I hope you will too. 

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RAH 019 Reverend TJ McGlinchey



Reverend TJ McGlinchey was kind enough to come over to PRHQ way back in January. Then a bunch of shitty stuff happened, then February had no 30th, then I posted the podcast. 
It was a cool conversation and it was fun to talk with TJ. I hope you enjoy it. You can check out all of TJ's various band projects below.
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RA 018 Joey Sweeney



We're back after a one episode hiatus, y'know, death in the family and all. Anyways, enough about me. Coupla weeks back, Joey Sweeney stopped by the PRHQPCS and we talked all about all about. Not only the arc of his music career with The Barnabys and The Trouble With Sweeney and Arctic Splash and The Long Hair Arkestra but his journalism career at the Philadelphia Weekly and other local rags and his own publications, Philebrity.com and Phoodie.info and I even asked him how he'd fix this town. Hint: he wants to sell the Eagles

It was a good talk and he sang a few songs. I hope you dig it. 

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RAH 017.5 In which my sister Shari Brodsky Dies



So, there's really no episode this week. Just a quick explanation and a song. 

Saturday, my dear sweet little sister was bugled home to jesus. She lost or perhaps won her battle with life and now there is a giant hole in my heart that I didn't even realize she occupied. She was one of the smartest, funniest, most aggravating people I ever knew or will know and I will cherish the memory of the times, good and bad, as long as I live. 

I'll be eulogizing her at some point soon on my Facebook page and at her funeral on Sunday 2/16/14. So, if you'll allow me the hiccup, we're gonna skip this week's episode. The Joey Sweeney sit down will post on 2/20 and then we'll get rolling again. 

Thanks for your understanding, now if you'll excuse me i have to hug Queegueg uncomfortably tight and get tears all over him. Why don't you go tell someone you love them. Maybe squeeze 'em too. 

Thanks for listening. You all mean the world to me. 


RAH 017 Elise Brown


Hello my pretties. A few days ago my old friend and Philadelphia Rock and Roll DJ Elise Brown came over to the PRHCPCS and we threw down. I learned quite a bit about Elise's journey and so will you. Also her tale is speckled with lots of starfucker experiences including, Ben & Jerry, Jack Cassidy and of course, Mr. Zimmerman.  It was a blast as as usual, our time flew by. I hope you feel similarly. The beginning of this pod starts with me singing a tune Pete Seeger wrote in 1970 or so. Then I opine a bit about my thoughts on Pete. Truly a great man, a great American and a great human being. I'd say he would be missed, but that man's purpose is so much bigger than one man's life he is still tangibly with us in so many ways. I'm not gonna get all soapboxy here, but here is where you can read how I eulogized the man. Not the most eloquent things said about Pete this week, but a couple paragraphs nonetheless. 

But really you should dig in and listen to Elise. Also she's now Publicly Relating for people over at Levlane, should you need someone to make you famous. you can contact her there. 

Peace out, y'all. I hope you dig. As always rate us on iTunes and stitcher and subscribe here or there and if you have comments or suggestions. fire away. 


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